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A Couple of Days OFF!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I actually have a whole bunch of days off!!!!! Well not total days--but mostly--Let's see--tomorrow I have to work for maybe 2 hours--no biggee--Thursday I will be driving up to my friends house with my Mom for our traditional Thanksgiving dinner, but not until around 2 in the afternoon--Friday is my Mom's 89th Birthday--Yikes. She already has me slated to take her to her doc so they can play Dracula, stop at a couple of stores then I will take her out for lunch to The Outback. Mind you my Mom still drives herself all over the place--but since I'm not working---well it is her 89th and I, bad daughter that I am, have not even found a card for her!! Maybe tomorrow after work I'll hit some card stores--as for a present--what in the world does an 89 year old need or want? I already got her a GPS for her car--she has a laptop and a Kindle (I don't even have one of those)--Hum--guess I will have to call up a florist tomorrow and have flowers delivered again---

At any rate I am just very thankful I don't have to drive to New Jersey until NEXT TUESDAY!!!!!!

If anyone has any suggestions about what to get an 89 year old who has virtually everything--please make a comment and let me know!!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone

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Glenda said...

Give her a Gift Card to her favorite store and some cards to her favorite resturant so when your not there her and her friends can have lunch. Put this in a basket with her favorite bath items and some stationay if she still writes letter and she will have a gift that she will use all year long.

MikiHope said...

Hum--not bad Glenda!! Have to think about that one minus the bath stuff--she has almost as much as I do!!

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