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When I think back to 911--

Saturday, September 10, 2011

I wrote this last year-and all the same is still true--I will NEVER Forget

I live in NY, not far from NYC. As a matter of fact if you stood on the roof of my building 10 years ago on 9/10--you could see the Twin Towers--almost a straight line. And the wind brought that smell right to my block--a smell I will never forget.

On 9/11 all that changed. Luckily it did not happen on a Thursday--cause I used to work right behind those towers in a much smaller building (only 6 floors)--I would have been ringing the bell to get in when the first Tower was hit. As it happened I was working in Connecticut that day. My bosses son, daughter-in-law and new born lived down there but on the West Side--The Towers were on the East side. The phones were not working---finally he got through using my cell phone and I got through to my friends who have a store right outside Grand Central station and my Mom. Everyone was trying to get me as well-cause no one was absolutely positive I was not down there. Needless to say I could not reach the person I worked for down there. He only lived a couple of blocks away with his wife, 2 dogs and 3 birds!! It took a month but I finally contacted him via email--they were all okay. I did go back to work down there for about a month after the supposed all clear was given to return to the area. It was not okay--the stench in the air was indescribable--and there no birds at all in that immediate area. I also worked for a Lawyer down there in one of the tall buildings on the other side of the Towers--he said he had just walked into his building and felt the ground rumble--he walked straight back out and proceeded to go home!! That building was affected--he was one of the lucky ones--I really think what saved a lot of people that day was that there was an election going on in NYC and many people went to vote first so were going to work late!

Then yesterday-I think I heard on the radio that there was another threat--for NYC and Washington DC. And as I was driving home from NJ I got to the George Washington Bridge and noticed a LOT of Police who were getting ready to stop suspicious looking vehicles. I managed to get through just before it created a massive traffic jam-(my Mom called me to find out if I had gotten stuck in it).
At any rate, I am sitting here and remembering all the people who lost their lives that day and all who managed to survive--and to this day if there is a low flying plane I get kinda nervous--
New Yorker's are resilient, and even though NYC has never been off high alert-life has continued until a loud noise is heard-you will still see people looking up-wondering---------and then hear the sigh of relief when it was just a building coming down under controlled conditions---or some other construction noise. And they all look at each other and smile--then go on to whatever it was they were going to do. And Life Goes On.

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Robin Quick said...

My heart still aches when I see those horrible pics...I'm sure it always will. So very very painful to look at & remember. I don't live anywhere near NYC, I live in Alabama, so I can't imagine what it was like that awful day for the ppl of NYC, DC & Pennsylvania. The loss of so many lives was devastating. PPL lost moms, dads, daughters, sons, brothers, sisters and so on.... just so much unnecessary loss. I'm praying the new threats for NYC & DC are unfounded. God bless you hun. May peace ,love & safety be with you & yours.

I will never forget! 9/11/01

Denise said...

Thanks for sharing your story. I watched and weeped with unbelieving eyes and still do whenever I think of this day that changed so many innocent lives.

Janice said...

It is healing in a sense, to hear the stories and though painful you realize how we felt the same things. Thanks for sharing your story.

ICStarzz said...

How scary!

Larri said...

I can only imagine the terror you must have felt. I don't think I realized the smell emitting from the collapse. Thank you for sharing your perspective. Visiting from 5MfM.

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