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OUCH--another funny one!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Saw this on Absolute Newsletter today--had to share!

One sunny day, Todd greeted his parents with excitement, asking them to sit down in the living room for his announcement.

"I have great news! I'm getting married to the most beautiful woman in town. She only lives a block away from you. Her name is Susan."

His parents congratulated him, but after dinner, his father pulled him aside. "Son, I'm sorry, but I have to tell you something. I love your mother dearly after 30 years of marriage, but we've never had much excitement in our intimate life. I used to fool around a lot, and Susan is actually your half-sister, so I'm afraid you can't marry her."

Todd was devastated and angry with his father, and he broke off the engagement. A year later, he was finally dating again, and one day he came home to tell them, "Lori said yes! We want to get married this July."

His father pulled him aside once more. "I'm sorry son, but she's your half-sister, too."

Todd was furious with his father. Once would have been bad enough, but twice was more than he could take. He decided to tell his mother what had been going on.

Bracing for her reaction, he said, "I guess I'll never get married. Every time I'm ready to marry, he tells me the girl is my half-sister."

His mother patted his cheek. "Don't pay a bit of attention to what he says," she told him. "He's not really your father."

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Ann Jones said...

Too funny :) Thanks for the comment on my blog. My GFC button can be strange sometimes, but I do know that we already follow each other :) Have a great weekend!


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