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The Most Serious Virus Around... Please Forward (a FUN Post)

Friday, July 1, 2011

Marie from one of the groups I belong to sent this--I Just HAD to share with not just 6 friends--but with all of you as well!!!

A virus is going around called 'housework'. If you feel a need to start housework, stop immediately.

This virus wipes out your social life and 'me time'.

If you should come in contact with housework go straight to the nearest store and buy the only know antidote which is called 'chocolate'.

Please forward this warning immediately to at least 6 friends. If you realize you do not have 6 friends you are already infected.

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Ann Summerville said...

Cute post

Stacie said...

I'm avoiding the virus right now... but unfortunately, it's lunchtime and it's catching up. Found you on Let's Get Social.

Deb K said...

I love it..LOL

I am stopping by from Sunday Strolling Blog Hop! I am already follow you.
You can find me here~


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