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Happy and SAFE Fourth of July!!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Well, this is a one in a thousand for me---I actually have the whole day off--that makes three whole days I did not have to work!!!! Being partially freelance has its drawbacks---but not this year!! this year I can stay in my apartment with Gremlin and just relax--and I plan to do just that! I have never been a fan of fireworks--I know I know--but really the noise hurts my ears--and I do not venture outside after dark cause where I live there are illegal fire crackers--and one year some kid threw one right at my car as I was driving past--another year I was driving down in NYC and those flashing, exploding lights kept passing right in front of my windshield---uh--sorry--not for me---I can actually see some of the fireworks right from my window (I live on the 7th floor)--and hear them perfectly thank you very much!
I do however sit here and mull over the real meaning of Independence Day--the Boston Tea Party (no taxation without representation--uh I think we may have that again-at least for the majority of us) And then I think of the Statue of Liberty that stands in the NY-NJ Harbor (depends whether you are from NY or NJ as to which harbor you think it is-for me it is the NY Harbor!) "Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free...." Guess that doesn't mean so much anymore--but hey--we are now the country of the tired and the poor--good jobs far and few between--people having to count every penny they make--What would it take to get America back--vote out every single politician--that would work for a while I guess--I think I'll go cuddle with Gremlin for a while--and maybe read a book--and dream of better days ahead for America (the land that I LOVE) and all it's inhabitants--

I think cuddling is a good idea--and I REALLY don't like those LOUD BANGS!!

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smashbravo said...

This is a very sweet post. I don't really think anyone ever really thinks about what they are celebrating, they are just in it for the fun. I hope you did get to cuddle and enjoy Gremlin that night.

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