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Been a while---

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I know it has been a while since I actually sat down and wrote something--I still miss Gremlin horribly and work has been absolutely crazy and my Mom keeps getting sick-then better then sick so I have been running her to the doctor---

I got a call yesterday evening which almost made me laugh--almost---I believe I've mentioned that I hate what I do (bookkeeping)--well an accountant I worked for for many years called me and said his practice is getting better again and do I have anytime to give him--Actually I don't--maybe sporadically--and like I told him I really don't want to work weekends anymore if I can possibly help it--he is really a very nice guy and I wouldn't mind helping him---BUT the client he needs help with--is a totally different story---talk about messed up books and almost TOTALLY MANUAL---it virtually took me days to finish one month up--there is something to be said for computers and computerized bookkeeping systems (like Quickbooks!)--NO WAY I ever want to see that set of books again!! A couple of others have called as well (old clients)--and I keep saying No thank you--very politely!! I now work 3 days a week as an employee (bookkeeper) in a company--still do some free lance--but hey--I will be 61 in September--give me a break! Bad enough with this economy I will never be able to retire--how about semi-retire!!! And here is a concept---how about me being able to actually go away for a weekend--not that I probably will--well I might be going to see an old friend for a weekend in Sept--

I am also sitting here trying to dream up a new giveaway--and easy one--my brain is pretty tired from all the work I've had to do lately and can't even pick a book to giveaway next lol!! (I WILL FIGURE THAT ONE OUT PRETTY SOON!!) Do any of you have any suggestions for an easy giveaway---$25.00 for ???????---if you have any please write them in the comment section!!!! And I will keep thinking------

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karenmed409 said...

You have been busy, hope things calm down for you a bit.. I am up for any book suggestion or anything else.
Hugs, Karen

ninalazina said...

I know what you mean about working Saturdays; I feel like a college student. Funny, his books sound like mine!

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