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Massages--Do you like them?

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Good morning everyone--I was sitting here thinking--about massages of all things--I actually don't like massages--THEY HURT--being a bookkeeper my back and neck muscles are hard as rocks---Oh I have tried a massage or two over the years--heck I used to be able to get them for free (I bartered bookkeeping for services for a couple of years about 3 years ago)--and I still didn't like them--I used to ask for manicures, pedicure, leg waxing, facial--virtually anything except a massage!! Crazy-huh? Well that is how much they hurt!!! Just recently one of my bosses was actually willing to pay for me to get one---I refused!!! I do like one type--the hot rock massage---just lay those nice warm rocks all along my spine and back and shoulders and neck--then leave me alone--do not touch me!! I do not believe there is gain in pain--whether it be exercise or anything else!! And I usually feel a lot worse after a massage then I did before it!!
So--do you like massages?

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ninalazina said...

Hate the idea of a total stranger giving me a massage. The rocks I can deal with - as no hands on me. I thought I was the only one. Glad to see I am not. Thanks for visit.

Unknown said...

I love massages because you can just relax and let all the stress leave your body!! Ha! Maybe I just have too much stress! :)

Thanks for stopping by and sharing on my Hummingbird Cake recipe. It is very good! Too good! :)

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