It's been pretty crazy around here--- | Miki's Hope

It's been pretty crazy around here---

Friday, June 10, 2011

Hi all--this has been one heck of a week--I was pretty sick there for a while but managed to keep going to work (luckily had Wednesday off) some kind of a stomach bug--then my Mom called me Wednesday night and told me she was in the hospital and that they were keeping her there!! She also has some kind of stomach thing but she is 89 (and normally full of pep)--and became dehydrated. She is still there and she doesn't think they will let her out today either--she told me all she does is sleep--can still barely eat or drink--they have to keep giving her fluids intravenously--and in between all this I signed up for a new site--really nice stuff and affordable!! I was told I have to do some things to it--like add a message or something but I can not figure out how!! So--I think I will put up a post about it after I get home-cause the site is functional!! If you'd like to go take a peek the url is I just know you are all going to LOVE it!!!
Better go to work now!!


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