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Haven't really written anything in a week

Friday, June 3, 2011

I have been up to my ears with work and been close to tears most of this week--have not been much in the mood for writingn or posting or hopping. At the moment my blood pressure is still elevated from approx 12 noon!! Imagine finding out that someone changed the way you told them to do something because it would save time--I exploded---there I was having to hand something to an accountant (sitting right next to me) and to find out that what was supposed to be a list of products all said Miscellaneous instead--we won't mention that I also use this report to prepare sales tax and to do an invoice from one company to another---well after I laced into everyone--including the boss who I'm sure had something to do with this--(since he is on a campaign to cut peoples hours lately) I worked with them to supposedly make this take less time---in my humble opinion it will take longer--after having to manipulate the spreadsheet--take out duplicate entries and deleted invoices-separate it as to pay type (I use it for the bank rec as well and Amex takes longer to clear then the others). But what do I know--I am only a 35+ year bookkeeper with a 2 year accounting degree who knows Quickbooks like the back of her own hand if not better---I don't really ever want to go back there--but I don't want to go totally freelance anymore either--the strange part is I got home this evening and picked up my phone for the first time since 5/31 and there was a message from an old client who I left a while back who wants to know if I still do bookkeeping---he is in NYC and I don't want to work down there even one more day a month then I already do--Heck I don't want to do bookkeeping anymore--I never even wanted to be a bookkeeper--I was just kind of thrown into it and was good at it and could never seem to get out--I even went back to school at age 40 and got a BA on environmental science--but still got railroaded back into bookkeeping--
If you know any young people out there who are thinking about bookkeeping or accounting--tell them to think twice--bookkeepers are perhaps the most unappreciated people in a business even though they keep it going--It does not make sense and never will-but that is a true fact-----------

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Unknown said...

awww I am so sorry you had a bad day Michele. Keep working hard at your businesses and it will pay off and you won't have to go back to doing what you don't like and move on doing what you love.

Unknown said...

I feel your pain! I too started working with a new construction company and the first quarter when I went to do the taxes something just did not seem right and after calling the state dept I found out the company was paying the wrong percentage of taxes on our employees. To make it short, I got the company back close to $7,000 from the state and this was taxes done by a CPA firm!! I was just an office mgr and got thrown into that job. Anyway, a year after that happened is when I started getting sick alot and spent alot of time in and out of the hospital and this same CPA firm told the owners that they were paying me too much money for what I did (really, I did all the taxes, paid the bills, reconciled the books, took in receievables, did all the paperwork that is required once we bid a job and get it, do all the insurances, etc) I could go on and on. Anyway, that last time I was in the hospital they hired someone else making less money than me and then called me that Sunday night (4 days before Christmas) and told me I did not have to come in tomorrow (Monday) because they had hired someone the week I was in the hospital!! And it was the CPA who messed up this company's taxes who told them they needed to get rid of me for being in the hospital so much! It was all revenge because I found THEIR mistake and got the state to give in back. (it was the unemployment rate, they were paying more than they should have). So, it goes to show, it does not matter how good you try to be, but when the time comes that you need help, they bail on you! And he did not have the decency to do it to my face the next day, he had to call that Sunday night around 7:00 and I had just got home the day before from the hospital and this was 4 days before Christmas. Companies show no loyalty or respect but expect us to give them everything and then get mad when we don't do something they want us to do! I found that man $7,000 but in the end it did not matter to him. And the real thing that ticks me off the most is he kept that CPA for other things because I took over the taxes and such and all he did was the yearly audits. So, this man cost you $7,000 extra dollars one year and he gets to stay employed but I miss a few weeks because I am severely sick and he tells you I make too much money and I need to be terminated?? I could have sued, I found out later and got my job back because you can't let someone go who is ill and requires several hospital stays but I decided not to because he would have made my life a living hell. And I did not get better anyway just worse and now draw disability so I would not have made it much longer anyway on that job. I wish you luck and don't stay too long if you are not appreciated. There are alot of companies out there who would appreciate you. Good Luck!


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