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Eclipse Spa has a BRAND NEW look!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

You all know how much I love Eclipse Spa products-and honestly for me I wouldn't care how it came packaged--I love what is inside those packages and what it does for me and my skin!! That being said-----the new look is absolutely beautiful and the website is also totally different (my same url to get there thank heavens!!)-
Anne Keefe, the owner, is still working on the men's line that should be back soon--as for the bath bombs-well that might take a while longer-but she absolutely promised me they would return (thank goodness I still have a bunch of them here that I keep for my PERSONAL use or I would be going through withdrawal about now).
And there are a couple of new fragrances--and she now sells two scent oils as well--I managed to get some of the Moroccan Nights Lotion--Oh my--what a marvelous scent--and in the sugar scrubs there is a new orange blossom scent!! I really want all of you to go in and take a look--
Here is a sneak peak----

Now high tail it over there and check it out!!!!

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