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I am going to read whether Gremlin ----------MEOW

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Well today Gremlin is being somewhat quiet---but then I have hopped to it everytime he meowed today and I was only gone for about 4 hours--right now he is sleeping peacefully in the dining room--I'm sitting here contemplateing whether I dare to go lie down and read--he does have radar!! He can be sound asleep in another room BUT when I stealthily pick up my clothes to get dressed--he is there front and center MEOW--and he is not happy until I remove my shoes and clothes when I get home in the evening--and don't touch the computer until he has been fed--he jumps right up and threatens to pick up the wire to the mouse so that the mouse will be slightly in the air so that it will drop on the desk---(he has done this and knows it will get me moving real fast!!!) As long as I don't touch--he just opens his mouth and holds it just above the wire-------think he has me trained? Guess I'll go lie down now and hope for the best----------

She thinks I'm sleeping--but my ears are awake!!

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