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At least I can now post!!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Good morning all!!

Well, I guess switching from IE to Firefox fixed most of my problems. At least now I can get on here and post--that was really frustrating!! Of course GFC (google friend connect) is not working yet so I won't be promoting that 25.00 giveaway until it is--but it will be back--and I am only 21 away from the magic number of 1000!!
I joined a bunch of blog hops for the weekend--of course I do have to go out to lunch with my Mom today so will probably hop around this evening or tomorrow--I do follow anyone who follows me back from these hops.
I am also experiencing a learning curve here--this is the first time I have really used Firefox--so please bear with me--I keep trying to re memorize all my favorites into bookmarks LOL--thank heavens I have Roboform------or I really would be in a lot of hot water---
Well-better go get ready to pick up my Mom!!
Have a great day all!!

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Chats the Comfy Cook said...

Now you are one less from 1000. You should get there soon.

Anonymous said...

Miki, I have Roboform also from when I was entering contests off of magazines and site on the internet. How does it work on blogs? Does it cut out some time somewhere? I would love to know because I try to enter as many blog hops as I can. Thanks for the info!


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