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What a week-----

Saturday, April 16, 2011

This has been one of the worst weeks (or actually rwo weeks) that I remember having in a very long time!! 4 days a week in NJ both weeks which wore me out--the drive alone is a killer!! I was supposed to work today and totally forgot--poor lady called me to make sure I was okay--I rescheduled for next Saturday--I never even looked at my calender--the Spring Basket Giveaway--well when I went to order it for the lucky winner--it was not there because of seasonality so I wrote to her and asked her to pick one she wants (I feel really bad about this and I hope she responds!!)
Gremlin is in one of his I WANT ATTENTION and I WANT IT NOW moods for the last two weeks as well--pick up a book to relax--I don't think so--Meow Meow Meow--He is sleeping on my bed right now but I can guarantee that if I lie down and pick up the book (which is a good one by the way) he will be right there head butting the book inbetween MEOWS. And to top it off I am really cold!! Did someone forget to tell Mother Nature that it is Spring now? I just went in and took a HOT bath (with an Eclipse Spa bath bomb of course) to just warm up. Oh well--it can't possibly get any crazier can it? I am going to think positively -- everything will be great tomorrow!!
and here is the number one trouble making cat:

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Unknown said...

Thanks for visiting Misfit Momma! I'm following you too :)

smashbravo said...

LOL...if I was you I would want to give him a kick in the rear end..:) JUUUUUSt kidding.

Sorry for all the crazyness in your week, it always happens like that though doesn't it. Already when it's hectic and nuts everything else either goes wrong or gets even more complicated.

I bet this week will be better. Just have to think positively...:)

Unknown said...

Nice One. Keep it Up. Phillip Barroso's Blog

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