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Sunday-Finally I can stay home

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Good morning all!! I finally have a day mostly to myself--I do have to go out and get Gremlin more food or his cupboard will be bare after tomorrow (and I REALLY don't want to hear him MEOW about that!!) I also really should finish off my taxes and send them in----the birds are singing, the sun is shining and Gremlin is sitting on the windowsill taking in the sights and basking in the sun(quietly I might add)--
UH OH--I spoke too soon--------he is now meowing out there which means he wants something--better go see before he wakes up the entire building!!

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Mel_Cole said...

Hi there, what a cute cat you got there. :) Just visiting by this Sunday and hope you had a good one.

Marie said...

Hi, it sure is nice to stay in sometimes. I definitely have to get going on those taxes too! They are not fun, but they are due soon!

moonstar said...

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