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Do You Bake?-All About it-or what I said at the Expo

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Do YOU Bake

Business Description:
Hi all, Michele here (aka MikiHope) and by day I am a full charge bookkeeper. In the evenings–well—I work on my main affiliate website which is how I started (and where you can find all my sites)–I am excited to be adding Do You Bake? to all the other great sites I have and hope you will like it as much as I do!! This is a great opportunity and I hope you will sign up as well!! Once you have tried the chocolate cupcakes–you WILL come back for more!!

All of the items are all 100% natural. No preservatives or additives are used in any of these items. If you send DoYouBake? an email they will gladly send you ingredient and nutritional information. Each and every one of the packages contain ingredient and caloric labels along with baking and cooking directions. They even offer recipe suggestions for their special spice blends!

How long have you been with this company?
I started with DoYouBake? in February of 2011. This is a brand spanking new company and I am loving it and their products!! (especially the chocolate cupcakes)

What are the sales quotas?
There are no sales quotas for online sales which is what I do. Online sales get 20% commission– If you are interested in doing inhouse parties or fund raisers more information can be found on the website. Parties get up to 35% commission.

How do I start with this company?
It’s the perfect time to become a consultant! DoYouBake? is a young company and there are so many opportunities for new consultants to come in and introduce themselves in new markets. You never have to worry that there are too many consultants in your area! NOW is the best time to join as a new consultant!
There are always specials on joining up!! To find out more go to and fill out the form. One of the extremely helpful people at DoYouBake will contact you and give you all the details!!

What are the shipping times?
From my experience shipping is done quickly. Usually within a week. However they do not stock items in warehouses so it might take a bit longer. Their products are usually made the week that they are ordered by you. Because there are no additives, the typical shelf life is approximately 9 months. Their mixes can be frozen to increase the shelf life to up to a year.

Does the company dropship?
Yes, this company certainly does dropship to your customers. For a Party they will also send all items to the hostess or rep.

What is the commission structure?
As a Consultant, you collect all the money from the guests and Host, including sales tax and shipping and handling. You keep up to 35% of the guest retail sales as profit and send us a payment for the remainder.

When you share the business with other people and build a group, you can earn Do You Bake? Cookie Jar Rewards! Contact Us today for further details or refer to your handy Do You Bake? Cookie Crumbler Handbook.

You also earn on the people you sponsor.

Currently online only sellers make 20%.

How am I paid?
Currently I am paid by check (got my first one last week!!)

Are “company websites” available?
Yes, and for 1 year they are free. I am not sure how much they will charge after the year is up!

Can I design my own website?
Yes you may. Do You Bake? does not have any restrictions on outside websites, as long as you use their footer verbiage that says DYB? owns the logo, name etc.. All online ordering must be done through the Do You Bake? website. You may not duplicate the online ordering system - this is the only restriction.

Where can I sell?
You can sell anywhere exept Ebay!! However you have to keep to the companies price structure.

Does this company offer fundraisers?

Are training tools available?
They are in the process of making these available. I will say that all it takes is an email and you get answers from this company QUICKLY!!

Am I required to hold home parties?
No, you are not required to hold home parties. However, please make sure to tell them that you will not be at the beginning!!

More Information:
The Chocolate Cupcakes are addicting!! Buyer Beware!!

I was not paid cash for this post. All opinions expressed are my own honest opinions. For more information please check my Disclosure Statement.


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