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Friday, March 18, 2011

That about says it all!! T.G.I.F.---I am so very glad this is the last workday for me for the week--I think I am going to hibernate in my apartment with Gremlin--am feeling very anti-social at the moment (that will change as soon as I walk out of work and begin the weekend!) I do have to find a tax I did for someone last year and have no idea where I put them--but since the government has decreed that I must spend a small fortune to do 5 or 6 peoples taxes this year (which I simply won't do) the new accountant who will be doing his taxes is insisting on last years tax or he won't do this years!! And of course the person can't find last years tax LOL--Mind you--this is one of the easiest taxes in the world to do--used to take me oh 5-10 minutes--it took longer to print!!! As usual the government is picking on the most vulnerable among us--I really wonder how many taxes won't be done this year because people simply can't afford to get them done (I used to charge a whopping 50.00)--or will try to do them themselves on Turbo Tax and will end up getting audited because they really don't understand what they are doing. Maybe it is time to go to a flat tax------
Gremlin is in my living room meowing for attention---so I'd better go attend to his higness!! And get ready for work!!

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