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MyScentEssence--LOVE those SACHETS!!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

I love sachets--think I always have and My Scent Essence now has 2 that can be used as sachets--and all their new spring scents are out too!!! Besides the Scent Beads, which can only be used as a frageance they now have some new products out--Aroma Ganza can be used as a sachet (it comes in a little bag with the cutest little heart attached to the drawstring) and to melt!!
They also have some new melters--Wooden--really elegant looking and totalloy different from anything else I've seen around-you really have to go look at these--and the prices are competitive!!

Here is the Flyer that Sheri made up for me (eternally grateful I am!!)

Go to and look at the beautiful products at competitive prices!!

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