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I made it to the Bookstore!!! (and Read GoodNight, Tweetheart last night)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

I actually made it to Barnes & Noble yesterday--construction made the trip there a bit longer then usual--but I was bound and determined--so I sat in traffic and made it--I think I found the last parking space in a very large lot!! I think EVERYBODY was out--it was the first springlike day-and I didn't even wear a jacket (though I probably should have) However never did make it to the beauty parlor--maybe next weekend---
Now on to the book---
GoodNight Tweetheart by Teresa Meideiros is unusual. It is almost entirely the tweet conversation between two people who meet online--We all wonder if the people we "talk" to online are who they say they are and Abbey is no different. An author with a really big writers block she is sent to Twitter by her publicist--She meets Mark almost immediately who tells her he is a professor on sabatical--I don't want to give away the entire book--and especially not the ending--Although admittedly I got bored every once in a while reading the tweets--this is a fast read and well worth it!!
Teresa Medeiros is still one of my favorite authors--and will be looking forward to her next historical romance book.
PS: Gremlin was trying to get me to put down the book the entire time I was reading it--he wanted to get petted by BOTH hands!!!

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Unknown said...

Sounds like an interesting book. Glad you made it to get a new one!

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