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Do You Play Pogo Games?

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I do--too much probably but I really love them!! My favorites are Addiction Solitaire, Scrabble (when I have the time), Thousand Island Solitaire, actually I like all the Solitaire Games!! Also like Gin & Canasta--Phylinx is definitely a favorite and a whole bunch others. I have over 600 badges!! And I still find time to read and keep up with the shopping groups I'm in and my sites-------not to mention work (yuck). I once got involved with World Winner and ended up with a 1099 (luckily I was able to pull my losings which exceeded my winnings!!--I nearly passed out when I saw that 1099)--so now I am quite happy just getting badges LOL!!
Got a bunch of insurance people coming to the office today so I'll have to go get ready shortly--just thought you might be interested in where I am when I suddenly disappear online for a while.

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Jolene said...

LOVE Pogo! I like all the solitaire games too and Boggle Bash is a lot of fun. Yahtzee party, Everyone Wins Bingo, I change it up a lot and love getting badges too, lol. My screen name is Lovemyrattys if you wanna add me on your friends list ;)

MikiHope said...

Will do Jolene!! My screen name is MikiHope!!

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