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"All the Queen's Players" by Jane Feather

Sunday, March 27, 2011

To say this book disturbed me and I had to put it down several times in order to get some of the images out of my head--does not mean it is not worth reading. It definitely is!! Jane Feather remains one of my favorite authors--even though I fear I may have nightmares from time to time about this book. There is a summary at the back of the book which will not give away any of the various plots in this book. I am going to quote it verbatim--

Readers Club Guide For
All the Queen's Players
by Jane Feather


Rosamund Walsingham is not your average sixteenth-century lady. Plucked from her simple country home by her conniving cousin, the secretary of state Sir Francis Waqlsingham, Rosamund is sent to London to spy on Queen Elizabeth's court. Francis asks her to gather information by keeping a sketchbook and diary of everything she observes and overhears in the queen's private chambers. Her work at the court leads to an unexpected romance with a young playwrite and courtier, Will Creighton.

In the throes of romance, Rosamund's affair is discovered, and she is banished from Elizabeth's court, but Francis beleives Rosamund can be of use to his cause of entrapping Mary, Queen of Scots, who is suspected of planning a conspiracy to assassinate Elizabeth and overtake the throne. But distance cannot shake Rosamund's feelings for Will, and serving Queen Mary teaches Rosamund what it means to be loyal and selfless even in the face of ruthlessness.

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Nova said...

this sounds like a pretty exciting romance

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