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Where is Gremlin?

Sunday, February 6, 2011

He is in hiding--somewhere--just waiting for me to stand up and get dressed before he appears out of nowhere. He's not under the dining room table this time--nope--not in the closet nor is he locked in any closets, he learned his lesson a couple of years ago! I had opened the closet door where I keep all his stuff-kinda like a pantry--he managed to get in there without me noticing--I closed the door!! Was watching TV at the time and all of a sudden I heard all this frantic scratching. I thought he was using a scratch board (I really should have known better) but the scratching kept up--Finally after about 1/2 hour I went to see what was happening--took me a while to figure out where the scratching was coming from--and you'd think he would have talked--he is a big talker--but no. Well, when I finally opened the correct door--he came out like a shot. Now--before he ventures into any open door--he looks back at me as if to say--I am going in here--do not shut the door!!! Oh--I see him now--he is curled up sleeping on my bed--but notice--if I make a move---------guess who will notice it!!
I really do have to go to work today--I kinda never made it yesterday--(but I did manage to get Gremlin's food yesterday!)

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