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Today I have to work in NYC

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The older I get--the less I want to take public transportation!!! So I attempt to go to the only two clients in NYC I have left in one day. I actually have let the others go in favor of clients I can drive to!! It isn't the walk to the train (I live close by)--it isn't the train ride into the city (even though 9 times out of 10 I have to stand the entire way cause people insist on taking 1 1/2 seats a piece)--it's going down into the subway system--I just can't breath down there-(Maybe Mayor Bloomberg should worry more about the air quality in the subway system then about not allowing people to smoke in public parks)--but if I don't take the subway there is no way to get to both clients in the same day LOL--and by the time I'm finished and walk the 3 long blocks and wait for a bus to come to take me back to Grand Central Station-----let's just say I end up literally sick every darn time-----and coughing and sneezing for at least a week!!! It's downright dangerous to your health down there!! Now don't get me wrong--I love NYC and wish I could still afford to DRIVE down there and see a Broadway Show or a Ballet at Lincoln Center. And there really isn't anything like NYC at Christmastime at night----and the tree at Rockefeller Center--and all those MUSEUMS (I really love the museums-thank heavens they have parking lots!!)
Well--I'd better go get ready to catch every bug known to mankind (dose myself with echinachea before I leave!!)
Have a great day all--

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Kirsten said...

Hold your breath!
At least it will be (semi) warm today, so you don't have to climb up from the station and feel that freezing air go through your coat and into your core- the worst!

Debbie said...

All the germs around are driving me crazy! I can only imagine how terrified I'd be on public transportation. I hope it goes well!

smashbravo said...

I hope your day went well, I actually just saw some pictures on another blog today of Grand Central Station and that place is amazingly huge.

The whole day sounds adventurous to me, probably because I have never been. Still I hope you got home okay and that you didn't get too sick.

Happy Thursday!

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