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My favorite products from my sites

Friday, February 4, 2011

I was asked by a group I belong to to list my favorite products from the sites I sell for--here they are

My Scent Essence my favorite has got to be the Scent Beads in the fragrance Egyption Sheets (def love potion#9)--they come packaged 2 sachets for 6.00 and shipping is included!! Many other beautiful fragrances as well--Innocence is another I just love.

- they can not be heated or burned!! But can be used as a sachet in drawers, closets etc or pour some in a bowl and put out in any room of your house.

Soylicious has reed diffusers that last a long long time. I prefer reed diffusers to warmers for many reasons-I have mine up for about two months now and the scent is dtill going strong--my favorite fragrance is Cashmire--but lots of others to choose from--the little vase fits perfectly with any decor and comes in a variety of colors. 29.95 gets you the recyced glass vase, reeds and fragrance oil-

-If you have never tried a reed diffuser--I suggest you try one now!! These can also be viewed on my blog. They are having a really good sign up sale right now-19.00!!

Eclipse Spa -- I love it all-and the prices are so very very good!! The owner is always having a sale on various items so you really have to go into my website and look around. Her new line of smaller sized sugar scrubs

is really a great deal--and I LOVE her bath bombs which range in orice from $4-$5---You never feel greasy from any of these products--your skin just remains silky soft!

DoYouBake? Again I am having trouble picking a favorite--the Chocolate Cupcakes 7.50 Mix are to die for--there is a Valentines Sign up special going on--go to my blog post on DYB (tab to left)--you can't beat this and I have a hidden special for you which will make it even less to join--just click within that post where it tells you to!!! All of the mixes and spices are indescribably delicous!!

I was not paid cash for this post. All opinions expressed are my own honest opinions. For more information please check my Disclosure Statement.


Jenelle said...

I love reed diffusers and I am always having a tough time finding ones that last a long time. THanks for the post and the website. Definetly going to check it out.

I am your newest follower from the blog hop.

Would love for you to follow back :-)

Life Moto said...

i like that cake. look delicious

nicquee said...

those bath bombs are cheap! I hope there are some here in the Philippines.

Relationships said...

Hello....dropping in to say hello and to leave you with a smile :)

Kim Harris said...

The soylicious diffusers look beautiful!

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