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Happy Valentine's Day!!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!! I personally think this should be a national holiday and everyone should get the day off!! But what do I know--I mean really--have you ever seen those lines of people in front of flower shops--all glancing with absolute guilt on their faces at their watches? Or the candy stores--now they really look guilt ridden-at least flowers you have to get at the last possible second--
I traditionally send my Mom something for Valentine's Day--this year I have to admit even I was late in ordering and having it shipped--the snowbird is in her winter hideaway!! I actually got her one of those message in a bottles with a teddy bear from Timeless Messages--there is no way she won't like it!! But I did call and told her it would be late (I won't even tell you what they wanted for two day delivery!!!) She told me that hers to me would be late as well--so I felt a little better--
Since I am not in charge and today is not a national holiday--I'd better go get ready now for work (and give Gremlin a bit more attention--it is Valentine's Day!!!!)

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smashbravo said...

Happy Valentine's Day!
Youre probably asleep by now. Sorry I dint get by in time. Your post made me smile, I even went to go look at the gift you sent your mom and they are very cute. She'll def love :)
I also loved the end... giving Gremlin extra love. You are very sweet and I love that you can love the day so much.

My BF didn't even come home, he is always with me on VDAY and today didn't come home. It was a hurtful and I spent the day kind of upset, but oh well...LIFE WILL GO ON won't it. And now he owes me big time.

Sweet dreams.... to you both :)

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