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Happy Saturday!!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Yeah!!! It is finally the weekend and I only have one small job to go to today!! Most of this weekend is MINE---I love it!!! As I've probably said before this time of year is extremely stressfull for bookkeepers and accountants--we tend to forget what day or even time it is right around now. I really can't wait for this tax season to be over with (and I really gotta do my own taxes LOL) Maybe I will start them tomorrow--maybe---no promises here. Maybe I'll head over to Barnes & Noble after work--buy a couple of new books--and then spend most of tonight and tomorrow reading--been wanting to read "Goodnight Tweetheart" and a couple of others as well.
Now THAT sounds like a great idea--much better then doing my taxes!! Knew I'd come up with some excuse!!!

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smashbravo said...

I'll take Barnes & Noble anytime over taxes or just about anything else. I hope you did go and grabbed a nice bundle of books and are enjoying your Sunday!

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