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What a week---

Thursday, January 20, 2011

The end of the year things bookkeepers have to do in a relatively short period of time is next to impossible--and that is not factoring in the crazy weather we have been getting here which prevents me from getting to work at all!! I have to get the sales tax done and in today--the information for the 1099's has to be prepared and sent in to the accountant's office so they can prepare and mail them out--AND because of some new law or another I have to help the human resources person get some info together for inclusion into the w-2's today!! And there is a lot of prep work that goes into getting the above done!! Thank heavens I have a couple of people under me to help me out a bit-- It's no wonder I'm getting little if any real sleep with all this on my mind!! And then I heard on the news that we are supposed to get MORE SNOW tonight into tomorrow which means I gotta finish all that today!!!! AND that is just one of the places I work!!! Gremlin is barely talking to me--but he does manage to get his just before I fall asleep petting in--I better go do what I have to do before I have to leave--
I hope everyone has a great day-and if any of you are bookkeepers or in the accounting profession--my heart goes out to you--you are in the same position I am in right now!!

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Unknown said...

I feel for you. Hectic is for everyone this time of year I think but I couldn't imagine doing what you do lol. I am doing good just to keep my own stuff straight lol.

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