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A Lesson on Frustration!!!!!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

You try to pay a bill--you click all the numbers on the phone--5 min later they tell you you have reached a non working number!! Tried 3 times--same thing--tried internet pay--say my phone number is not there? Finally say--WTF--pay without knowing what I owe over the internet cause the internet site wasn't acting right either-(YES I printed the receipt) Called the operator--of course she connects me and it works LOL--but I have to hang up cause I already prob overpaid the darn thing--Try to pay electric bill-usually easy over internet-figure that is prob late as well--might as well catch it up--NOT--they are down for maintenance--ARGGGGGG
Try to pay a small credit card bill---they are down for maintenance--did manage to pay one other---
Lesson: Do NOT attempt to pay bills after 5 pm EST or before 9 AM EST!!

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Unknown said...

LOL You sound like me. I have been having days like that all week long!

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