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It's another snowday

Friday, January 7, 2011

It's another snowday--got dressed--turned around--saw snow--went to window and looked down--snow sticking---OOPS. I drive 1 1/2 hours to work each way--quess I'll just stay home and make some of those Do You Bake pancakes!! They look really good and I happen to be starving at the moment!! Will be sure to tell you how they come out--and maybe I'll get real ambitious and bake up those pumpkin muffins---YUM---better go now and start those pancakes!!!

Since I am single and live with only my cat--I attempted to divide the pancake into thirds--not bad for a first try--I can tell they taste delicious if I could figure out how to make smaller portions correctly LOL.
I tried making silver dollar size cause that's what I like the best--they really plump up!! And of course I added butter and syrup---

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Unknown said...

I want some pancakes!!!

Karen F said...

Hi! I am a new gfc follower ~~ a cyber friend of Sheri's ~~ Can't wait to check out your blog. You can swing over to mine when you get a chance at

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