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Gremlin had a bad night

Monday, January 17, 2011

Gremlin, for some reason woke me up every 4 hours last night. I'm a pretty light sleeper anyway and his soft meow right in my ear did the trick. You see, spoiled brat that he is, he will only drink out of a glass--yes you read that correctly--a glass. He has his own which is always sitting in the sink. (I have caught him drinking out of his bowl when he thinks I am not watching!!) It all started when he almost died--He stayed on my bed--could not move--soooo I brought him water in a glass--he decided he liked it!! And now that he is better--I have to pick him up (and yes he can jump up by himself) to the ledge on the kitchen sink and hold the glass so he can drink. Three times last night--------then at 5:30 this morning I gave up and stayed up LOL!! And wouldn't you know it--haven't seen hide nor hair of him since---but guaranteed--as soon as I walk out of my bedroom and head for my coat--Gremlin will be there meowing for all he is worth. Water? Check--dry food?--check---but I love him to pieces and will continue to remain wrapped around his little paw.

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