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Gremlin (aka BratCat)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Gremlin is driving me crazy today--he is very lucky I love him to pieces. Now because of the snow you'd THINK he'd be happy cause I have been at home all day. But NO--I've been on the phone exactly 3 times today--which seems to have been a red flag which meant he had to come in and MEOW in piteous tones--This last time I followed him and he stared at his dry cat food--now mind you--I had given him fresh this morning--but I had to throw it out and give him more--he ate two bites!! He is now up on my desk looking at his wet cat food--it is not to his liking and if I don't go change it I will have no peace at all all night!!! MEOW, MEOW, MEOW I know what you are thinking, and beleive me I've tried it--problem is he went for three days without eating that time--sooooo---guess I will just have to spoil him a little more rotton LOL--As he will tell you--He is the lord and master of this house and what he says goes or ELSE!!

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