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And I woke up to

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A winter wonderland!! I have to admit, as much as I am no fan of snow, it looks beautiful out there--the sun is shining and the wind is busy sculpting the fallen snow in pretty patterns. Still pretty quiet out there as well-except for the occasional pass of the town's snow cleaner plow or the snow blowers from the different apartments whose supers have to clear sidewalks by law once the snow has stopped. And since I had already forwarned my boss I would not be in today-----I can just look out there and appreciate the beauty and silence. It was kind of weird-falling asleep at about nine last night when it had not started yet--then wakeing up to what might be 7 or 8 or more inches of the white stuff. The forecasters said overnight and this time they were correct. Now for their next prodiction I hope they are wrong!! They said it was going to stay very cold around here--so all that white stuff isn't going to go anywhere soon!! Have a beautiful day all!!

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