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I FINALLY Found Cherry Tomatoes

Monday, July 26, 2021

Pic from Delcabo Website

This is NOT a sponsored post--I received nothing for posting this.

I have been searching high and low and in every store I shop but could not find cherry tomatoes! All they seemed to have were grape tomatoes which are a bit larger. Actually so are grapes these days for some reason which I don't really want to know why-it might get me upset. I had been buying the grape tomatoes and eating them--but---

Well, today I decided to go to The Fresh Market and actually look for them there--They had them! They are the Heirloom variety-I actually bought the package pictured above! They are the Del Cabo brand and they taste really delicious! (you can click to see their website under the pic above if you want.) I had never tried Heirloom tomatoes before--a happy new experience for me!

I actually learned something at that website that I never knew before--Did you know that tomatoes should not be refrigerated? But if they start getting soft then you can refrigerate them and they will last a couple of days longer--Live and learn!

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