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My Life at the Present Time

Friday, December 18, 2020

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2020 was an unusual year for everyone that I know at least. If we go out to dump the garbage-even though for me it is right down the hall, we wear our masks. In the building where I live there is a rule that a mask must be worn in all public places and most of us try to social distance. Not so easy in an elevator, but we do our best. There are some in this building who have not set foot outside since March. I am not one of them!

I still go out to food shop and since July I have been going to work at clients. Luckily they are all small and only about 4 of them-I am semi retired. Up until the second wave of Covid I also would go and pick up my Mom and her aide if there was one there-and go out to eat/and or a little shopping. Now all I do is go get her and the aide to drive them to my Mom's doctor appointments. Of course the last appointment was snowed out!!

Forget Covid--because it is the winter and I am not as strong as I used to be (much as I hate to admit that) I decided to have Baby's essentials autoshipped to my door! Litter, even the 50% lighter one that I use is heavy. So are the cases of Sheba and her treats (Temptations and Delectables). To get the best prices I had to shop around on the internet-but I think I managed pretty well!!

And for the first time ever I even used a food delivery service for all the heavy drinks and cans!! I do love Sparking Ice-but if you buy the case (12 of them) that can get really heavt. Then there is creamer and milk. It was so nice to have all that delivrered to my door!! I still have to go to the store to get deli turkey for Baby and various small items for me----like potato chips, cookies and meat. I'm hoping that the roads get totally cleared by sometime this weekend---Baby is running out of turkey!!

What I have not really started is compiling stuff for my taxes----maybe next week!!

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BlogWithMom said...

Hey Michele! I have been using Walmart delivery and it is great! They will carry everything right to your door. They have a free trial period then I paid $100 for a year. You just have to order about $35 each trip. Your article was great! Thanks for sharing.

megana said...

I'm so jealous! We don't have any kind of delivery service around here! I cant even order online and pick up. Being in the vulnerable category..its kind of scary! But we will all hold on to hope that we can get the vaccine soon!

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