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My Daily Schedule--or How I Finish Almost ALL Threads on the Same Day!!

Friday, December 9, 2016

There is a method to my madness--and no I don't write down a schedule--it is by this time embedded in my brain, so much so that if I deviate a bit I can get all confluffled (not a real word but accurately describes what happens)!!

First: I update my What's Up With Miki's Hope with any new giveaways or book reviews. I also delete those giveaways that ended the day before.

Second: I go into facebook and add any book or other reviews to comment groups. I do try but I don't always get those threads finished until the next day--hey I'm human!!

Third: I go through all the prior days threads and the threads that people have put links in and like, tweet, plus them.

Fourth: Back to What's up at Miki's Hope. I pull up MY Google, Twitter and Facebook. I enter all the posts I will be promoting for that day on all three of them.

Fifth: Back to facebook. It is now pretty easy to get what I want promoted in ALL the threads where I participate. Any that have snuck in before I do this--get tweeted, liked, plused. As a result--all entries before mine are completed!!

Sixth: If I have done a book review--I post the review portion only on Amazon, B&N and Goodreads--then tell whichever Author that it is done.

Seventh: Back to sleep for a while!! Remember that my cat, Baby, deems it necessary that I get up and feed her somewhere between midnight and 2 AM!!

Eighth: Wake up again and attempt to put my giveaways in others linkys--I sometimes fall short with this task as well!!

Throughout the rest of the day, in-between working at my bookkeeping clients or taking my Mom to wherever she needs to go, or reading a book that I will be reviewing-I try to go through all the threads so that when Baby starts to NUDGE me that it is bedtime--I am pretty much finished!!!!!!


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Gladys Parker said...

Are you sure your human and not superhuman? lol You get a lot done. I still haven't made it to getting all the options in one group done. I will though. I appreciate you telling us your secrets perhaps I should try a few!

Scott said...

Your day sounds VERY similar to mine! I keep a spreadsheet with all my to-do tasks, otherwise I'd never keep up!

Ivonne said...

OMG! You certainly are busy and to do it without a physical tracking system...well I tip my hat off to you Ms Superman!! I keep all my stuff in a draft folder and refer to it often - memory is starting to go ~ lol!

Jacqui Odell said...

My schedule is all messed up. I try to get one, but it's hard to keep with infants around. They have their own plan! LOL

Unknown said...

She who must be obey is very cute! I do adore working by a schedule - makes things much easier!

Tough Cookie Mommy said...

A lot of people don't realize how many tasks we juggle on our schedules. It sounds like you have a great system in place to stay organized.

Erin S said...

The tasks we have per post! I have a schedule too as to when I do certain tasks

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