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Book Review-A Dead Husband (Jessica Huntington Desert Cities Mystery Book 1-Anna Burke

Saturday, November 28, 2015

This is the first book I read by this author but it certainly won't be the last! This is a cozy murder mystery that will have you chuckling and shaking your head and yes, even laughing out loud a bit! To say that the main character, Jessica is a magnet for trouble is an understatement-she is the proverbial poor little rich girl with a penchant for SHOPPING away her troubles. She is currently living in her parent's home with the maid, who is actually more of a mother then Jessica's mother, because she caught her husband in a compromising position with another woman. He has to pay 1/2 her bills which is what she would have you believe is why she SHOPS--but then one of her best friends comes home one morning and finds her husband dead. Jessica is actually a lawyer and decides to help with the fact gathering at least--This book is filled will fully developed characters who you are going to LOVE or LOVE TO HATE. But even the bad guys are going to make you chuckle a bit. Lots of twists and turns--the only constant is Jessica and her shopping sprees!!

About the Book: (from Amazon)

"My first day as a sleuth was more Stephanie Plum than Miss Marple." Jessica Huntington, amateur sleuth with a shopping jones and a black AMEX card, finds out money can’t buy happiness, or save your neck. Her well-planned life in shambles, she’s hiding out near Palm Springs. When her best friend’s husband is murdered, Jessica and her friends are soon stalked by scoundrels in pantyhose, stilettos, Bruno Maglis, and Armani suits. Roger Stone had something that got him killed. What was it and what will they do to get it back?
Even in a desert paradise life is full of surprises, like A DEAD HUSBAND.
What readers have to say about A DEAD HUSBAND...
TOP 500 Reviewer: “Don't pass by this book without buying it - excellent read”
TOP 1000 Reviewer: “A delicious plot, full of intrigue, murder, mystery, misfortune and mishap”
*****“This book has everything! Suspense, colorful characters, romance, and a beautiful and interesting setting, all woven together with intelligence and wit.”
*****“Hard to put down, action-packed mystery”
*****“Fun, funny, fast!”
*****“Fast flowing, entertaining, mysterythriller”
*****“Sheer enjoyment!”
***** “Great Characters! Fast Paced with a Murder to Solve!”
***** “A sleuth in Gucci shoes!”

A DEAD SISTER, book 2, out now!
A DEAD DAUGHTER, book 3, out now!
A DEAD MOTHER out late 2015
LOVE A FOOT ABOVE THE GROUND--Bernadette's love story and the mystery of Guillermo's disappearance. PREQUEL to the Jessica Huntington Series also OUT NOW!

Read a chapter or two here

Purchase the book here

About the Author: (from Amazon)

Life is an extravaganza of unpredictable dimension and proportion: figuring out how to hang tough and make the most of the wild ride is the challenge.

On my way to Oahu, to join the rock musician and high school drop-out I married in Tijuana, I was nabbed by the police as a runaway. When the police let me go and the rock band broke up, my husband and I had to find another way to survive. Our next stop: Disney World where we trained to be chefs, courtesy of the Walt Disney World University. A GED for my husband, and many more years of education landed us in academia at The Ohio State University. Retired now from my role as a professor in social work and behavioral science, I have picked up a long-time interest in writing fiction. I'm still married to the same sweet guy, and live with him in the Palm Springs area. In addition to reading and writing fiction, I enjoy painting, hiking, hanging out with my handsome husband and tending to my Siamese kitties.

I write the Jessica Huntington Desert Cities Mystery series, set here in and around Palm Springs, CA. As Jessica Huntington, amateur sleuth and calamity magnet, will tell you, the Sonoran Desert is a beautiful setting in which to ponder life's mysteries while enjoying the delights of the desert resort communities. A Dead Husband, Book 1, and A Dead Sister, Book 2, out now. Book 3, A DEAD DAUGHTER out soon. Look for Book 4, A DEAD MOTHER, in 2015. ALSO OUT NOW: LOVE, A FOOT ABOVE THE GROUND. This sweet romance is narrated by Jessica Huntington as she shares her friend, Bernadette's, tale of love, loss, and hope..."a real happily ever after story."

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Unknown said...

You had me at Shopping! LOL
I also think it sounds interesting that it is a mystery that makes one laugh!
Sounds good I will check it out.

Rebecca Swenor said...

This sounds like a great read indeed with the laughter and mystery combined. It sounds like it would make a great gift idea. Reads like this make great movies too.

Tough Cookie Mommy said...

I love that this mystery also has an air of humor. It's very interesting when novels are so multifaceted.

MyTeenGuide said...

I think a mystery novel with humor is great. I would love to read this book.

MyCatKevin said...

I haven't had time to read a book for the sake of it for a while, I have so many on the go right now it is shameful! I do love a good book, though, so I will try any once! I think I could get into this one!

Anna Celeste Burke said...

WOW! Thanks so much for this wonderful review of A DEAD HUSBAND! I'm stoked, as Jessica's surfer dude pool boy would say. I'm so glad you enjoyed the book and all the trouble Jessica can get into...even spending as much of her life at spas and country clubs and shopping meccas like Saks! Cheers! Anna

Unknown said...

This seems to be something interesting to read especially during my time off times, lol. It gives this mystery kind of feel all over!

Unknown said...

Sounds like a good read. I will have to try it out!

LeahSay's Views - Bonnie said...

This certainly sounds like a fun read and I'll be adding it to my list. I enjoy books wiht a bit of humor thrown in. I read a lot during the winter months.

Unknown said...

Always love a good murder mystery! Sounds like a great read, thanks for telling us about it.

Anonymous said...

I wish I got to read more books. Maybe in the future I will have more time to read books.

Unknown said...

Sounds very interesting series, I love reading mysterious books.

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