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Between Changes in Blogger and Google I'm LOSING IT !!

Saturday, November 21, 2015

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Let's see I went to the eye doctor today and drove home in the BRIGHT sunshine with my eyes still dilated--obviously I made it and so did my car in one piece! And I still don't need glasses for distance AND the Doctor told me I could just use reading glasses for close up stuff (did my eyes get better?) Hey I'm not complaining--Walgreens reading glasses are a lot less expensive then prescriptions glasses. We won't tell anyone who I am related to (my Mom) that I actually didn't go get them checked for vision at least for YEARS because I thought I would need new expensive glasses. Drusin is still there on my optic nerve but I changed eye doctors and this one will keep me off eye drops until I go back to see him in 6 months to see how the pressure in my eyes is.

I'm sure a lot of you have noticed that Google is trying to get us to switch to their "new and improved" G+ which is supposed to be easier. Uh ----if you have been in the share threads on Facebook lately you may have noticed there are a lot of glitches-luckily I have not switched--I'm going to try and wait this out until they have it down pat!! BUT BLOGGER HAS DONE SOMETHING AS WELL.

It used to be if you copied/pasted something (which you are required to do on occasion) or if you somehow missed an opening or closing a or b or div-Blogger would let you know but would still let you publish------NO MORE. Now you have to find that missing little letter and you can't even save what is correct--you gotta start over again until you get it right!! HELP!!!!!!
The good news is I managed to find the missing letter in a copy/paste for a book review I will be doing and for the one link that was "broken" within my Sunday Stroll (Yes, it will go live at 6:30 pm tonight (Saturday!!))

I think I will go to sleep now or at least until Baby turns on my desk lamp at midnight!!

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Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

I can sympathize with you! I tried their new Google plus and couldn't find even where to post a link! Decided to switch back to classic until they make it better! Have a great night

Diana Chastain said...

I didn't know about the G+ changes.. But Blogger did mess up for me yesterday when I tried to add a YouTube video. I just thought it was something I did or my computer. So I backed out. I had already saved right before though. Broken links are a good things not to get published.

Danielle S said...

When I copy and paste into blogger, I always copy and paste onto Notepad first, then copy and paste into blogger. If it's html that I need to copy and paste, I really look at it first to make sure it's correct. I hate looking for a lost < /div>. If I do have one that says it's lost, I have on occasion added it at the end. Sometimes that works.

I saw that G+ wants me to check out their new stuff. I have declined to do so. I'll wait until they force me to have it.

Phy One said...

When I cut and paste to blogger, my line spacing shows up inconsistent and wonky unlike my manuscript. I've tried correcting it but it is impossible to do.

Unknown said...

What's Blogger?

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