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Book Review-The Apothecary-Marshall Chamberlain

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The scenario in this amazing novel will have you reading way into the night. The suspense just keeps growing as everyone from the Mafia to the North Koreans are desperate to control the person capable of making a nano drug that mimics LSD or Heroin but can not be detected--. Then there are the murders to conceal the identity of the demented but brilliant scientist who seems to be able to hide in plain site.

Then the unthinkable happens--this self replicating drug escapes and begins to crumble a city--can it be stopped?

The ending is truly frightening if you stop to think about it--and it almost assures that there will be another novel in this series.

About the Book: (from Amazon)

If you enjoyed the Indiana Jones books, or books by Nelson DeMille, or James Rollin's Sigma Force, you’re going to love The Apothecary, an extraordinary techno-thriller jam-packed with action and suspense!

From a "Foreword Reviews," Award Winning Author, Marshall Chamberlain gives us another adventure into plausible reality. Set in Atlanta, Georgia, The Apothecary is a nano-technology thriller, exploring the heights of human degeneracy and the vile consequences of insane arrogance.

“Street deals and deals, fiascos and undercover labs, subterfuge, high technology, and a story that rises to the top of the political foodchain…gripping thriller…satisfyingly hard to put down.” —Midwest Book Review: Diane Donovan, Senior Reviewer


Dr. Corey Parnevik, the director of Pharmco’s DOD project, who functions under heavy medication to control behavior disorders, disappears along with proprietary, hi-tech nanite inventory—test products capable of significantly affecting human behavior.

A pattern of mysterious homicides manifests, and Parnevik becomes a prime suspect. The Atlanta PD investigates and is assisted by an unlikely alliance of three civilians: Mallory Driscoll, a lawyer and sister to the first homicide victim; Ryan McKenzie, a DEA agent with a past romantic attachment to Mallory; and Professor Barius VonMitton, a reclusive, retired Emory University academic plagued by multiple personality disorder.

The stakes quickly morph into a matter of the highest national security when Parnevik’s profane experimenting and complicity lead to a disaster in the nano-labs at Atlanta’s Georgia Tech University.

With the President of the United States involved and the media ready to pounce, the pursuit of the elusive Parnevik leads the alliance to the mountains of North Georgia, the slopes of the French Alps, the mesas of New Mexico, the hallowed halls of Washington, D.C., and the city streets of Caracas.

Again, Chamberlain gives readers an exploration into plausible reality, filled with suspense—one of the best techno thrillers of the decade.

Read a chapter or two here

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About the Author: (from publicity info)

Marshall Chamberlain, a modern-day Jules Verne, is a man focused on his passions, with no time for pets, lawns, plants, puttering around or companion compromises. He has a Master’s Degree in Resource Development from Michigan State University and a graduate degree in International Management from the Thunderbird School near Phoenix, Ariz. He was an officer in the U.S. Marine Corps and spent many years in investment banking, venture capital and even a stint as a professional waiter. He is obsessed with preparedness, survival and independence. This combination of traits and an unconditional openness to life lead him to all manner of adventure. Chamberlain’s primary worldview is simple but profound—“I’m in awe of the magnificence of this world.”

Marshall authors the Ancestor Series of adventure-thrillers and other suspense-thrillers. He is recognized as an expert in the field of independent publishing.


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Masshole Mommy said...

I am going to get a copy of this for my husband. He will enjoy this book.

Beck Valley Books said...

I bet your looking forward to the next one then, if there is one, fingers crossed. Sounds like a gripping read.

Grace Hodgin said...

This does sound like a suspenseful book. I'd probably read it during the afternoon or I'd never get to sleep. Books like these I always buy all the sequences together so I do not have to wait to read the rest of the story.

Unknown said...

This book sounds really intriguing and unlike some others, it sounds like it's something that could actually happen which adds a whole separate level to it! Thanks for the review, I look forward to reading it.

Scott said...

Sounds like one that would make a good movie or TV series. Will look for it at our local B&N.

Unknown said...

This actually sounds like a pretty suspensful book and I like that! A agree with Scott that this could be a good movie or TV series - I'd definitely give it a watch. In the meantime sounds like I'll just have to settle for giving it a read!

Unknown said...

Sounds like a great action packed book. Will be sharing with my husband.

Michelle F.

Unknown said...

This sounds like something my stepdad would love! I think I'll get it for him for Christmas!

debdenny said...

OK I think you have me hooked. I am going to have to read this one.

Amber N said...

I am going to add this one to my list!

Myrah - Coupon Mamacita said...

Talk about suspense!

Tough Cookie Mommy said...

I actually really enjoyed the Indiana Jones series so I think I would really like this book. It sounds like it is full of action.

Liz Mays said...

Stuff like that is spooky! I'm glad it's all in a book, not for real.

Crystal said...

Wow, it sounds like it'd be hard to put down. I need to check this one out.

Six Time Mommy TEST said...

Wow. This sounds really great. I know quite a few people would actually enjoy this! Sounds great. - Jeanine

Mykidsguide said...

My husband loves to read books like this. He likes suspense stories.

Housewife Eclectic said...

This sounds fascinating! I can't wait to check it out!

mail4rosey said...

Ah the civilians are getting in on the mix. This sounds like a great edge of your seater!

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