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Melitta Pour Over 1 Cup Brew --How I have been celebrating Earth Day for YEARS!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

As you all know I am single but do love my coffee! Years ago my Mom introduced me and bought me a Melitta Pour Over 1 Cup Brew Cone. I have used nothing else ever since!! I have the original one but now they have come out with a couple of different ones.
I save on electricity (gravity is amazing!)-extremely easy clean-up. The #2 filters are bio degradable and you can get any brand and they will fit (either bleached or not). It actually takes about the same amount of time to brew a cup of coffee using one of these as it does using a k-cup with those expensive machines. You can take it traveling-just wipe and rinse under hot water and it is ready for the next cup of freshly brewed coffee. Just stick the cone on top of your cup-put in the filter-add any ground coffee you want-pour in boiling water-once the water seeps through-VOILA! They even have come out with ceramic cones now--I'll stick with my plastic one--it may out live me! Go check them out--you have nothing to lose and a lot to gain. And so does Mother Earth--Happy Earth Day!!

From their website

A fast, inexpensive way to bring out coffee’s true flavor in three easy steps
New cone design enables you to see into the cup without lifting to avoid overfill (I have the old design)
Plastic brew cone designed to fit many size mugs
Uses #2 size cone filters
Comes with a start-up supply of Melitta #2 cone filters
Product Dimensions: 5”W – 4.5”D – 4”H

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