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Do You think I should go for this?

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I just received an email from Goodreads (yes I am a member but can't find their button to put up on my blog--so if you would like to friend me on there--I will friend you back!) Back to the purpose of this post-------

At any rate they want me to join a 2012 challenge---but--how many books do you think I can read in 2012? I read a lot but have never kept track of the numbers--
So--first--do you think I should join in? And second how many books do you think I can read in 2012---

A tired mind wants to know

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Glenda said...

I joined several challenges this year and you can see themm on my blog at Mommies Point of View . I said I could read 50 in a year. So I challenlege you to do the same. I have only finished one so far. How many have you already read this year?

April Trent said...

I read a lot, but still that would be hard for me to put a number to. There are books thatI start and finish in one day, even if it means staying up till 2 am because I absolutely cannot put it down. And there are others that take me a long while to really get into it. i.e. I read "Gone With The Wind" which is slightly over 1,000 pages in 5 days, but a 200 pg book that didn't really inspire me took 2 wks. My best estimate would be 30, averaging out to 2.5 books per month. Some months may be more, but I know when things get hectic around here, like over the holidays, there is little, if any time to read.

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