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I got some of it done!!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Yesterday, well actually in the evening, I made a large headstart on getting my paperwork into Quicken for the year! I keep promising myself I will not wait till the last possible second--been making this promise for the last four or five years--I swear 2012 will be different--I WILL KEEP UP--meanwhile I still have to get a bunch more stuff in for 2011--did I ever mention that I really HATE bookkeeping with a double seated passion?

It is probably because it is the holiday season, but I am missing Gremlin so much--I find myself crying while I'm driving to work or even just sitting at my computer. And I find myself thinking about all the other pets who are no longer on this earth--I'm pretty much a mess and I'm sick to top it off-got a really bad chest cold--

Think I'll sign off till tomorrow

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