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Gremlin is on the WARPATH

Saturday, May 14, 2011

And he is bound and determined to drive me batty---I am already heading that way--I don't need any help!! Everytime I sit down at the computer--Meow Meow Meow--I go to get a drink of water--Meow meow meow (only he is allowed to drink water from a glass) and for some reason known only to him he is suddenly starving and needs WET food ONLY--twice a day or whenever I set foot in the apartment or I try to lie down to read--Gremlin for sure does not want me to read---I only went out for short time today--came home--Meow Meow Meow--and he can keep doing that for hours on end--non stop--at perfect intevals--until I stop whatever I am doing and go serve his majesty whatever it is he wants. I just gave him a second bowl of his food--he was meowing so pitiously I gave it to him--2 little mouthfuls---that's all he ate--and now he is sleeping peacefully on my bed---------maybe I can crawl in next to him and keep reading---hum----worth a shot-----


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smashbravo said...

I have 5 kids and yet I think I get more reading done than you. How sorry is that... lady???

Create With Joy said...

Thanks for stopping by today and letting me know you follow me! Your blog is so pretty! I love cats so this post really made me smile! I'm not sure how you slipped thru the cracks before, but I am now following you too!

Have a fabulous week!

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