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Tuesday--and off I am to NJ

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

To say I occasionally get really tired of driving 3 days a week 1 1/2 hours each way with no traffic (and you know that very rarely happens!) is putting it mildly. I have to drive there today and I will probably get there a bit late as I over slept (Gremlin decided to let me sleep in today!)
Speaking of Gremlin---suddenly, out of the clear blue sky he has decided that he needs more food--Gremlin is one of those cats that barely eats--finicky and picky--but all of a sudden--he wants two little food dishes instead of one--and he just about finishes it all!! He still is not allowing me to read in peace--did you ever try to read while your cat is head butting the book and meowing intermittantly? No easy feat!! And he won't let me pet him while I am reading--------right now he is lying down beside my chair just waiting for me to get up and attempt to leave--I can guarantee he will suddenly get VERY busy!! Well I best be on my way---
Have a great day all!!

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Anonymous said...

So funny! Try scratching him with your feet! LOL

I'm your newest follower from Boost Your Buzz! Feel free to stop by if you get a chance :)

Hop you have an awesome week!


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