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THE GREMLIN is being a Gremlin!!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

For the last couple of weeks Gremlin has been a PIA!! He can be sleeping on my bed but when I lie down to read--UP--off the bed---Meow--meow--meow--and no matter how many times I tell him NO or give me a few minutes or just one more chapter--meow--meow--meow. Non Stop Meow!! Then he head butts the books and tries to close it while I'm holding it!! Okay I get up--put the book down--follow him and see what he wants--NOTHING--he just does not seem to want me to lie down and relax!! For some unknown reason he does not want me reading--and I LOVE to read-----------------there is a war going on in my apartment--Gremlin vs Me and Me is losing---It is not that I would not pet him while I am reading--I've tried--no way--he just keeps walking further away so I can't do anything but pet him--

Right now he is lying down on his sheepskin rug quite content to let me type away-he is sleeping as a matter of fact-at least for now--maybe I can sneak back into bed and read a little more--Shameless by Karen Robard is really quite good and it is getting really interesting ----maybe if I quietly get up and pretend I am going to sleep--read under the covers---
He really does look adorable lying there all curled up in a little ball--my sweet little angel---sound asleep---

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