Good evening everyone! | Miki's Hope

Good evening everyone!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Never did make it to the city yesterday--stayed home and blog hopped and played Pogo games instead--just couldn't face it--at any rate I ended up being late this morning and raced out the door without writing a thing--and the accountant was there and my assistant was out sick--and I just got home at 7 PM cause the accountant kept on asking questions LOL--2 Hours it took me to get home--tomorrow it's back to NJ I go--BUT guaranteed I will leave by 4:15 so I don't hit that traffic at the George Washington Bridge!!!
Got a bunch of stuff I gotta do on the computer and Gremlin is vying for my attention (well he was alone for a long time today!!) If you don't hear from me tomorrow morning--I will write when I get home!!

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