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Lazy Sunday

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Gremlin will be one happy kitty cat today!! I have decided not to move out of my apartment today. IF he even notices (oh--he notices all right) and maybe he will even let me take a nap with him later.
You see I woke up early today -- 4 am --and it is Sunday-you'd think I could just sleep in on a Sunday--heck even Gremlin went back to sleep after glaring at me for wakeing him up!! He has decided that sleeping under the dining room table right now is prudent -- just in case I decide to try to leave the house!!

I was going to work today--but I think I deserve a day off--and I kinda feel like sitting at my computer and blog hopping around, meet some new people-maybe enter a few give aways amd listen to Gremlin talk to me (he loves to talk).
Off to the blog hops I go!! (BUT first--going to get COFFEE--NEED COFFEE)


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