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Book Review-Chasing Rain-Brandt Legg

Wednesday, October 18, 2023

This is what could possibly happen if AI got into the wrong hands!! Luckily the original coder for this realized what was happening after he sold the rights to it. This is total suspense as Chase Malone is bound and determined to stop this. Many deaths. Not too many of the good guys are alive at the end. The unscrupulous conglomerate had figured out how to implant a chip into the brain of human beings--UH OH.

Chase is on the run hiding from those who don't want him to succeed in stopping this. Will he manage it and save humanity or will humans all turn into semi robots?

Definitely an eye opener into what could possibly happen if AI technology gets into the wtong hands!!

About the Book: (from Amazon)

They thought killing him would end it. They were wrong. It can't end.

Chase Malone is one of the smartest men in the tech industry. But his invention is smarter, way smarter.

The ultra-advanced Artificial Intelligence, dubbed RAIN, is decades ahead of the competition, ahead of what most thought possible, and definitely far ahead of what humanity can handle.

People want it. The wrong people. And there are far too many wrong people.

Wen Sung, a beautiful and dangerous dissident is his only hope.

There’s just one problem, she’s trapped in China and the communist government will use any means to stop her escape.

Then things go from worse to brutal.

They turned his own invention against him. Big mistake.

The Chase is on!

Each international bestselling Chase Malone thriller is a complete action adventure, and can be enjoyed in any order.

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About the Author: (from Amazon)

USA TODAY Bestselling Author Brandt Legg uses his unusual real life experiences to create page-turning novels. He’s traveled with CIA agents, dined with senators and congressmen, mingled with astronauts, chatted with governors and presidential candidates, had a private conversation with a Secretary of Defense he still doesn’t like to talk about, hung out with Oscar and Grammy winners, had drinks at the State Department, been pursued by tabloid reporters, and spent a birthday at the White House by invitation from the President of the United States.

At age eight, Legg's father died suddenly, plunging his family into poverty. Two years later, while suffering from crippling migraines, he started in business, and turned a hobby into a multi-million-dollar empire. National media dubbed him the “Teen Tycoon,” and by the mid-eighties, Legg was one of the top young entrepreneurs in America, appearing as high as number twenty-four on the list (when Steve Jobs was #1, Bill Gates #4, and Michael Dell #6). Legg still jokes that he should have gone into computers.

By his twenties, after years of buying and selling businesses, leveraging, and risk-taking, the high-flying Legg became ensnarled in the financial whirlwind of the junk bond eighties. The stock market crashed and a firestorm of trouble came down. The Teen Tycoon racked up more than a million dollars in legal fees, was betrayed by those closest to him, lost his entire fortune, and ended up serving time for financial improprieties.

After a year, Legg emerged from federal prison, chastened and wiser, and began anew. More than twenty-five years later, he’s now using all that hard-earned firsthand knowledge of conspiracies, corruption and high finance to weave his tales. Legg’s books pulse with authenticity.

His series have excited nearly a million readers around the world. Although he refused an offer to make a television movie about his life as a teenage millionaire, his autobiography is in the works. There has also been interest from Hollywood to turn his thrillers into films. With any luck, one day you’ll see your favorite characters on screen.

Legg now writes full time – his favorite endeavor ever! For more information, visit, or to contact Brandt directly, email him:, he loves to hear from readers and always responds!

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