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Book Review-Sole Servivor-Glenn Trust

Friday, September 15, 2023

This is definitely not a book for everyone. There is a lot of violence and killing all because of drugs essentially.

John Sole had a hard life--after a stint in the Marines he became a policeman. He and his partner heard from an informant that something big was going to go down. It certainly did!! John became the sole survivor after all is said and done--But for how long? Maybe the next in this series will let us know.

About the Book: (from Amazon)

*Mature content. May not be suitable for some readers.*

When the lines between right and wrong vanish, only justice remains.

When an international drug cartel's plans take John Sole to a place where the lines between good and evil disappear, he does what he must to find justice. From Bestselling author Glenn Trust, Sole Survivor is a hard-boiled thriller and the first book in his new Sole Justice Series.

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About the Author: (from Amazon)

Glenn Trust is the author of the bestselling Hunters, Sole Justice, and Journey Series of mystery/thriller/suspense novels. He has also written standalone works including Dying Embers, Mojave Sun, and a number of short stories.

For the record, there are no superheroes or knights in shining armor in his stories. According to Trust, knights are for fairy tales. His books are gritty and based in the real world with characters who face their frailties while dealing with their roles in the story. The heroes are simply average people doing the best they can.

The villains, as real villains often do, look like us. Trust's monsters hide behind the smiling faces that pass us on the street. They look like us, and this makes them more frightening.

Today, he writes full-time and lives quietly with his wife and two dogs, Gunner and Charlie. You can find all of his work here on his Amazon Author Page or on his Book Bub Author page, As an independent author, he would greatly appreciate a follow on either or both pages.

You can also sign up for his email group and receive a free novel, Mojave Sun, A Suspense Thriller. Just follow this link online

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