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Book Review-Gods in the Ruins-A Vatican Archives Thriller-E.R. Barr

Monday, July 17, 2023

This is filled with chills and thrills and lots of action-somewhat reminded me of Raider's of the Lost Ark (one of my all time favorite movies! This kept me reading, entranced to the very end.

About the Book: (Amazon)

An ancient tomb is discovered in the ruins of Babylon. The Pope sends Vatican archeologist Fr. Daniel Azar and his best friend, Swiss Guard Luca Rohner to Iraq to investigate the tomb's warning of the end of the world and the terrible beast that will usher in the coming apocalypse. From the start of their journey, the two find their lives threatened by unknown assassins.Meanwhile in Washington, D. C., the Director of the CIA, also aware of the momentous find sends her own team to Iraq to find out whether the United States is in danger because of the discovery.In a race to uncover the truth, the Vatican and the CIA join forces to fight a resurgent ISIS Caliphate and an enemy out of myth and legend. Whoever wins will have the power to bring the world to destruction or prevent the extinction of the human race.

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About the Author: (from Bookbub)

E. R. Barr spent his youth wandering around “Conor Country” known better as the southwest corner of the state of Wisconsin. The Mississippi and Wisconsin Rivers and the lands around them, dotted with Indian mounds and filled with stories and legends, fueled his imagination. Not till he started traveling world-wide did he truly begin to see connections between Ireland, Scotland, Wales and the lands where he was born. His forebears came from those ancient nations and settled there in Wisconsin. Always wondering why, he kept searching for answers. A writer on all things Celtic, a follower of Lewis and Tolkien, and a popular speaker on these issues, E. R. Barr makes his home in northwest Illinois.






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