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Book Review-Chaos in my Wake- A.V. Shener

Tuesday, July 11, 2023

This book depicts scenes that you might not be comfortable reading. Quite a bit of sado-masocistic things happen to Matt Evans and all because he took a loan from the wrong person in order to try and save his father's business. Living in poverty-forced to do the bidding of first one person--then another---he did escape for a while but was dragged back in. He finally figures out of a way to stop it all--and ends up living a happy life with a woman he loves and who loves him.

About the Book: (from Amazon)

Matt Evans is in deep trouble. After taking a loan he should never have taken, his debt to local thug, Jeff Holden, has spiraled out of control. Just when it seems that time has run out, Jeff offers an alternative deal. Matt is to assist a scientist with his secret experiments to clear the debt.

Despite his attempts to see the deal through, Matt soon realizes he’s trapped in a nightmare. The scientist has a dark agenda and a twisted mind that become more apparent with every visit to the underground lab.

With his sanity on the line and possibly his life, Matt must escape at any cost, but he will soon discover that the chaos in his wake is only the beginning.

An shocking psychological thriller that will keep you ripping through the pages until the end. A must-read for fans of Gillian Flynn.

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About the Auther: (from Amazon)

A.V. likes to take a ride into the dark side of writing, but always makes sure to find his way back. Chaos in my Wake is his first novel, with a second stand-alone novel already in the works.

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