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Book Review-Bookshop Witch-T. Thorn Coyle

Wednesday, July 19, 2023

Definitely filled with fantasy and surprises. Sarah doesn't want to be a witch--but is one unril she has no choice So much is going wrong in her little town of very unusual people. Will she finally decide that being a witch is a good thing? Will she be able to solve all the musterious happenings around town? Read this book to find out.

About the Book: (from Amazon)

Welcome to Seashell Cove, where the waves are treacherous, and the occupants are… strange. Centaurs just outside town? We’ve got ‘em. Cheeky gnomes? Check. Ghosts? Yeah, we have those, too.

My name is Sarah Braxton, and I’m a witch. I also run Seashell Cove’s only bookshop, though my cat Rhiannon will tell you she’s the boss. Frankly, that’s a toss-up. She certainly runs me. Anyway, just when I was getting the hang of juggling life with my D&D playing boyfriend, my barely-making-rent business, and my cat, weird things started happening.

Like, weirder than usual.

My best friend’s partner disappeared, and something is messing with the fae spirits next door. The bookshop’s resident ghost is throwing books, and Rhiannon?

She thinks we should investigate…

Find out why people love this cozy cat mystery filled with witches, magic, and books!

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About the Author: (from Amazon)

T. Thorn Coyle worked in many strange and varied occupations before settling on full-time writer. Buy them a cup of tea and you might get the full story.

A salty-tongued, tattooed mystic, Thorn is author of the popular paranormal series The Witches of Portland, the alt-history/urban fantasy series The Panther Chronicles, the epic Steel Clan Saga, The Seashell Cove Paranormal Mysteries, and several story collections. They have also written multiple non-fiction books including Sigil Magic for Writers, Artists & Other Creatives, Kissing the Limitless, and Evolutionary Witchcraft. Thorn's work appears in many anthologies, magazines, and collections.

An interloper to the Pacific Northwest, Thorn joyfully stalks city streets, and talks to crows, squirrels, and trees. After traveling the world teaching magic for decades, Thorn now loves staying home.

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